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COÇA PURA tequila's objective is to provide you with the best premium 90 proof tequila. Whether you are lounging by the pool in St. Barth's or dining on a yacht in the Mediterranean, COÇA PURA is the perfect ingredient to further enhance your already amazing experience.

Our bespoke bottle is inspired by the matte black color of the agave seeds that create our special brand of tequila. The powder matte finish ensures non slip handling, even while the bottle is wet. Signature Plata Foil on the front of the bottle calls out this PURA tequila experience. Our topper has a brushed metallic finish capturing the essence of minerals found in the rich Jalisco soil. The embossed logo has black acid finishing, and a black cork to match. Everything, from the black agave seed, the rich earth in which its born from, and the carefully curated process, brings to life this "pure thing" you call tequila...and we call COÇA PURA.

Modern Tequila Mixology

Hand crafted cocktails using COCA PURA TEQUILA

 COÇA PURA is a delicious blend of 100% Blue Weber Agave from both the highlands (50%) and lowlands (50%). These pure (PURA) hand selected agaves from both locations creates a delicate balance that captures the sweet & floral (feminine notes) highland flavor, with the vegetal and herbal (masculine notes) flavor found in the lowlands. The agave hearts are slow roasted for 36 hours and left to rest another 12 hours in the oven, to ensure maximum flavor from the agave juice which is the key before distilling & makes for an exceptional tequila.

Selecting agave from dual altitudes brings to life a perfect 90 Proof Plata Tequila that can be sipped, and also used in top shelf margaritas and cocktails. As you sip COÇA PURA, herbal notes from the sweet agave will mix with the bold peppery flavor of the lowlands, while capturing the citric overtones from the highlands. The finish is, smooth, crisp and warming.

COÇA PURA Distribution

Favorite cocktail from COCA PURA TEQUILA

We are sold at Michelin star restaurants, chic eateries, luxe sport/rooftop bars as well as night spots in NY/NJ/FL/CA/DC/TX & PR. In addition, we are in the process of expanding our Caribbean market to include, St. Barth's, Bahamas, Jamaica & Aruba.

Available at  local wine and spirit shoppes, starting in the aforementioned regions.

Expansion into other markets with a growing night life and taste for the finer things in life is our goal for 2020. 

COÇA PURA TEQUILA is Gluten-Free, Kosher, low sugar and zero carbs. This "pure thing" or "COÇA PURA" (pronounced cosa pura), is distilled w/o any caramel or sugar coloring. COÇA PURA is rested for no longer than 2 months before being bottled, for a smoother & mellow tequila on the palette, making our 90 Proof sip like an 80 proof while keeping true to our signature ABV.


Mixologist experience with COCA PURA TEQUILA

Whether you are mixing this purest of spirits with Rose for brunch or crafting a hibiscus syrup infused Paloma at dinner, you are guaranteed to have a crisp, smooth and premium tequila experience. Your tequila cocktails, will never be the same. Enjoy...

Highland and Lowland Agaves = PERFECTION

7 year old Agave being hand picked from the COCA PURA TEQUILA estate.

Our dual estate agaves grows in the richest red clay soil from two very unique altitudes. This gives our COÇA PURA tequila the fruity & citrus hints that soften the bold, vegetal and peppery notes. When you taste the  smooth & crisp finish, you will truly  appreciate the delicate details that goes into creating this one of a kind 90 Proof spirit.

Crafting Small Batches for Exceptional Finish

Signature Chinela shot from COCA PURA TEQUILA

COÇA PURA Tequila production is done with an exceptional attention to detail. Hand selecting only the best 7+ year old agave, slow cooking in our special Hornos combined with traditional extraction and proprietary fermentation, making this 90 proof tequila the perfect agave spirit for sipping and hand crafted mixology.


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